Class 5 of 30: opening my heart to curiosity and understanding, to kindness and compassion

Sunset on Friday, August 2 at the Santa Barbara Harbor.

It’s crunch time for finals and instead of writing my research paper on the ethics of the FDA I am writing here on my blog, which really has no other purpose than to share a little space of me with a little space of you, be it a little space of the heart, or mind, or simply the space of my fingertips typing away on the keyboard into the infinite space of the web. If there’s anything that I’ve learned in graduate school these past two years, it’s that there is no better inspiration for paper writing than the last minute, down to the wire, nose to the grindstone, panic-manic mode. So, as any true procrastinator, I am putting off my paper writing until the morning when I plan to pop out of bed with the sun and head to the coffee shop for a few hours before work. Most certainly, I will be inspired tomorrow morning, right?!

So, today was class 5 of 30 for the month. I’ve been to eclectic flow where we blasted music and danced around like crazies on our mats for a good 10 minutes while the mariachi bands blared in the background at de la Guerra plaza to kick off fiestas in Santa Barbara; I went to morning practice kundalini style and focused on breath of fire and the mula bandha and had the honor of practicing next to an amputee who moved so beautifully without his leg; I got in a super good sweat at a power vinyasa class and had a very nice catnap at a restorative yin class; and tonight I went to a vinyasa flow level 2/3  which was just right—sweet and juicy, strong and powerful. Although all the classes I have been to are of different styles, I have been reminded, rooted, grounded in each class by my brother’s incredible sense of compassion, not only for others, but for oneself as well. My brother had this way about him— of holding expectations of those he loved and questioning ones motives, thought-processes, and decisions, while also always listening with an open heart. I think he realized all along what I’m just beginning to learn—that we must always be kind to others as everyone is fighting their own battle. He loved playing devil’s advocate and taking the opposing side just for opposition’s sake, but he did so with a sense of true curiosity, of seeking a better understanding of both sides.

Today I open my heart to curiosity and understanding, to kindness and compassion.

I love you bro, and I miss you.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
―Albert Einstein



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