On taking yourself out to dinner- why the hell not?

picture of Shintori Sushi- taken from santabarbara.com/dining.

Friday night I didn’t feel like rushing out of work in an attempt to beat traffic in order to make it to my usual 5:15pm yoga class. I didn’t feel like zipping and zooming home, in fact, even the idea of rushing to yoga made me irritated because I felt like it defeated the purpose of even going in the first place. And with this Santa Barbara summer weather, I certainly didn’t feel like being hot and sweaty with a bunch of other hot and sweaty bodies. So, instead of screeching to class, I leisurely drove home in the slow lane, a test in patience in and of itself. But this afternoon, I wanted to intentionally slow. things. down. I craved a conscious moment to pause, to drive without a destination or timeframe, and to arrive wherever I was to arrive with ease.

I didn’t have the intention of taking myself out to dinner, but before I knew it, I changed into a dress, put on a little makeup, and headed to one of my favorite sushi restaurants for dinner. I didn’t have a reservation and of course it being 6pm on a Friday night, it was slammed, so I snuck a seat at the bar and happily ordered a Sapporo and jalapeno salmon tempura roll (TO. DIE. FOR). I was sandwiched between two couples who immediately struck up conversation —usual things like food recommendations and plans for the night—and then one of them asked “are you waiting for someone?” There was a short pause, I smiled and said no, I was just taking myself out to dinner. For a second I felt somewhat vulnerable, and to be honest, a little silly. Who takes themselves out to dinner in their hometown? Who goes to dinner alone when they could go with their date?

Then I thought: why the hell not? Sometimes it’s nice to get outside of the comfort zone, and be around energy without feeling the need to exert your own, sometimes it’s nice to be the outsider, to eavesdrop, to people-watch, to get curious, to be vulnerable, to just be.

Ladies (and gents), I definitely recommend taking yourself out to dinner—it doesn’t matter if you’re single, or you’re married, if you’re taken, or if you hate being alone—you deserve it. Pick one of your favorite local spots and find yourself a seat at the bar.

Cheers, friends.

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